So many people love cats, yet more and more are ending up in shelters. With your help we can make sure every cat has the loving home and family they deserve. Whether they've been left behind after their owners passing, or their old families have moved on without them, or they've suffered mistreatment, our cats out looking for new homes where they can be happy for a long time. 

All our cats are neutered, vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated and treated for fleas and worms.


Adopting a Cat from TAG

All you need to know about the adoption process.

Longest Stay Lad Baloo

Age - 12 years
Colour - Black & White
Sex - Male


Age - 3 years
Colour - Black
Sex - Female

Cleo & Tallulah

Age - 5 years
Colour - Ginger and White
Sex - Female

Captain Pugwash

Age - 2 years
Colour - Black
Sex - Male