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DOGS – Be a part of the solution not the problem

But I’ve paid a lot of money for my bitch. I want her to mate so that I can sell the puppies.

Should you neuter your male dog?

Breeding from a bitch is more expensive and far more time consuming than you could possibly imagine.

Bitches can give birth up to 10 or more puppies in each litter.

Whilst pregnant, your bitch will need 2 or 3 times her usual amount of food

When the puppies are being weaned, you will have to feed them 4 times per day. You will also have to toilet train them and clear up after them. Can you afford to replace your sofa and carpet?

If you let your bitch have a litter, and manage to home her puppies, you use homes that the thousands of dugs and puppies in rescue centres could have had. THEY MAY END UP BEING DESTROYED.

Some people think that routine castration of male dogs is unnecessary. Here are some reasons why we think neutering your dog is the best option.

Your male dog can smell a bitch in heat from a very long distance away and some dogs will do anything to reach her – including scaling tall fences or digging underneath. These dogs are liable to become lost, or be involved in road accidents.

Often male dogs become very frustrated. They may try to mount cushions, or even peoples’ legs. Some become very snappy. Others become very dominant and constantly attack other dogs. Un-neutered male dogs may also scent mark by urinating about the house.

The risk of testicular cancer is completely removed by neutering. Many older male dogs develop prostrate enlargement, leading to urinary problems, constipation and the possibility of prostatic cancer. Because prostatic cancer can be hormone dependant, these dogs have to be castrated when they are getting on in years and therefore present a greater anaesthetic risk.

Neutering is best done when your dog is about six months old, before he has learned any and habits.


You should consider the medical reason for having your bitch neutered;

An un-neutered bitch is at increased risk of developing mammary tumours.

Neutering your bitch eliminates the distressing condition known as phantom pregnancy.

An un-neutered bitch is at risk from developing a life-threatening and not uncommon condition called prometra – a potentially fatal infection of the uterus and which fills with pus. Undiagnosed, the uterus can burst causing peritonitis and death.