Small Pets

From rats to rabbits, we try to help all small creatures find their ideal home.

Small animals have complex needs that are often overlooked and need just as much care and attention as cats and dogs. Whatever small animal is looking for a home we want them to have as much space and enrichment as possible so they can exhibit natural behaviour and lead happy lives.


Adopting a Rabbit from TAG

All you need to know about the adoption process

Branston & Marmaduke

Animal - Degus
Sex - Male
Age - approx 3 years (05/2021)

Florence & Hazel

Animal - Rabbits
Sex - Female
Age - 18 months and 12 months (05/2021)

Penny & Rochelle

Animal - Rats
Sex - Female
Age - 9 months (06/2021)

Hilary & Juliet

Animal - Rats
Sex - Female
Age - 7 months (06/2021)