Alfie - sit and stayAlfie's new mate

ALFIE 4Alfie is a 1 and half year old staffie who TAG homed as a puppy but sadly found himself back in TAG’s care this year. He has a lot of energy so requires the commitment of regular exercise – Alfie loves his walks! He is full of energy, but needs an experienced owner to add training and exercise to make him happy and fulfilled. Alfie was rehomed as a pup with TAG but has been returned as it was not a good match for Alfie or the other dogs . With regular exercise and training Alfie would be ok to live with a dog his own age.

Alfie is a loving boy who was struggling very much with kennel life and found it extremely stressful so some wonderful TAG supporters have agreed to have Alfie live with them and their dog and 2 cats to train him and give him loads of love and exercise to help him find a forever home as soon as possible. Alfie’s fosterers say: Alfie needs someone to dedicate time and attention to train him. He has been with us a few days now and he so wants to be loved. We are training him to walk to heel and sit and stay – he is a smart cookie and is quick to learn. He has settled in well with our female dog and two cats. Alfie wants to please he is already happier in a home environment and enjoying the company he has so craved – he just loves attention! Alfie needs a forever home to continue this training and in return he will be a great companion. Please consider giving Alfie a chance, we don’t want him to go back to the kennels. Please call Yasmine on 07808868689 or Debbie 07986146145.


Bean (1)red

Hello my name is Beany. I have been languishing at Tag for nearly 9 months and have had very few visitors. I don’t know why that is except that I don’t push myself forwards like my neighbours when visitors arrive. You should see some of them it makes me embarrassed at the way they carry on, flaunting themselves at every opportunity and flashing their eyelashes!!!! I am quiet and undemanding and would make a very loyal pet.

Through no fault of my own I found myself at Tag, who have taken good care of me, but I would love a home of my own now with a little garden to potter around in. If you could find it in your heart to take me into your home I would be so grateful. Please would you give me a good home with no other cats. If you could find it in your heart to make me a member of your family, I have so much love to give you will not regret it.Please call now I would love to meet you. xxx

I hope you like my little poem

People say I’m so pretty
Such a lovely cute kitty
With a temperament so sweet
Please come to TAG so we can meet
A loving home is my dream
I’d be the cat that got the cream.

The T.A.G. Pet Rescue tries to rehome unwanted pets looking for new homes in Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate and the surrounding areas.  Our animal sanctuary is Based at Lydden Farm, Valley Rd, Margate Kent CT9 4LF Telephone 01843 822931  Our Registered charity number  is 1110837


If you would like any further information about the work of TAG, please send us an email: tagpet@btinternet.com – Don’t forget to include a telephone number with your enquiry.






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Our rescue shelter always has many black and black and white cats looking for new homes. Can you help?

We are asking all potential adopters not to overlook cats just because they are black or black and white and, if needed, to try and see through the cats initial nervous nature – many have had their worlds turned upside down, losing their homes, often through no fault of their own. Some have been cruelly treated and of course it will take time and human effort to learn trust again – they just need to be given the chance.


If you’ve had pets before, you’ll remember that feeling of bringing a new furry friend through your front door for the first time. Watching them sniff around their new home and get adjusted, thinking ‘is this where I live now? Great!’ Having a pet who loves you unconditionally and wants nothing but cuddles, a warm bed and a nice meal can be so rewarding. Imagine if you rescued that pet from a rehoming centre knowing they needed your love and patience even more than most animals, after being abandoned, mistreated or simply given away?


At TAG, our mission is to care for and rehome as many animals as we can. We don’t receive government funding so we rely on donations, income from our shops and the tireless work of volunteers to keep the centre going; it’s a true labour of love!

We’ll pop by your house for a visit before you rehome one of our pets. This way everyone can be really confident that you, your home and your pet are a perfect match before making a decision

All of our cats, dogs and rabbits are spayed or neutered, something we feel very strongly about

  • Our cats and dogs are microchipped and the cats are vaccinated
  • Our cats and dogs are treated for fleas when they arrive at the centre
  • Our cats and dogs are all wormed and rabbits are inoculated again myxamotosis



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