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Donate to TAG

Your support is crucial to our mission of rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming animals, from the tiniest Russian hamsters to the largest Rottweilers. Here are a few ways you can make a difference:

Donate Money or Purchase from Our Amazon Wishlist

Financial donations and items from our Amazon wishlist directly contribute to the care and well-being of our animals. Every penny and product helps us provide the necessary food, medical care, and comfortable shelter that our animals need. Your generosity ensures that we can continue our life-saving work.

Dotted Dog Beds_edited.png

Donate Goods to Our Charity Shops

Make a significant impact by donating goods to our local charity shops. We accept clothing, homeware, bric-a-brac, and other quality saleable items, turning them into vital funds for our daily operations and special projects. Additionally, you can contribute prizes for tombolas and other fundraising events, further supporting our cause.

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What to Donate:

  • Good quality ladies tops

  • Good quality household Items - Ornaments - Unwanted gifts etc.

  • Vintage Items of clothing - toys - memorabilia - computer games /consoles.

  • LP's

  • Jewellery - new make up - toiletries..

  • Good quality shoes/ bags.

  • Toys

  • Small Items of furniture

  • Modern paperback books

  • Pet food - toys - leads etc

Please ensure all items are clean and dry.

Prizes for tombolas and other fundraising events:

  • Alcohol bottles

  • Good quality soft toys

  • Gift sets e.g., toiletries

Donate Goods to Our Sanctuary

Donating to TAG Pet Rescue supports our mission and helps animals in need. We accept a variety of useful items for our animals, but please note we cannot use duvets, pillows, or bedding.

What to Donate:

  • Cat food - wet and dry

  • Rabbit nuggets

  • Hay

  • Cat beds, bowls, toys, scratchers and trees if clean and in good usable condition 

  • Dog beds, bowls, leads, collars, toys if clean and in good usable condition 

  • Rabbit toys and enrichment 

  • Small animal toys and enrichment 

  • Small animal food

  • Bird food and toys

  • Towels - clean

  • Fleece blankets - clean

  • Newspapers 

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